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Urtehagens G Biloba Max

picture of dog
Registered Name: Urtehagens G Biloba Max
Registration number: N 11673/08
Sire: Carnac's X-Man
Dam: Urtehagens C Sativus Pia
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 4 APR 2008
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: Norway
Land of Standing:
Black and White with Mold
Distinguishing Features:
Titles: N SE UCH NV-11
Genetic Indentification:

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COI 10 generations: 20.12%
Urtehagens G Biloba Bonita
Urtehagens G Biloba Doffen
Urtehagens G Biloba Joppe
Urtehagens G Biloba Kompis
Urtehagens G Biloba Maximus
Urtehagens G Biloba Ninni
Urtehagens G Biloba Ronja
Urtehagens G Biloba Shablo
Known Offspring:
Badu von Charlotta's Wiek
Bagel Baloo von Charlotta's Wiek
Baya Siri von Charlotta's Wiek
Beagan Be Happy von Charlotta's Wiek
Bee von Charlotta's Wiek
Bela Beliz von Charlotta's Wiek
Bidibiankas Faik
Bidibiankas Felix
Bidibiankas Friggi
Biscuit Bonja von Charlotta's Wiek
Boysen von Charlotta's Wiek
Butscher von Charlotta's Wiek
Button von Charlotta's Wiek
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Lightschaps Helianthus Dwarfsunspot
Lightschaps Helianthus Henry Wild
Lightschaps Helianthus Loddon Gold
Lightschaps Helianthus Miss Mellish
Lightschaps Helianthus Morning Sun
Lightschaps Helianthus Prado Red
Lightschaps Helianthus Ransu
Lightschaps Helianthus Rostov
Lightschaps Helianthus Sparky
Lightschaps Helianthus Taiyo
Lightschaps Helianthus Teddy Bear
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Lightschaps Paeonia Blush Queen
Lightschaps Paeonia Bowl of Beaty
Lightschaps Paeonia Brother Chuck
Lightschaps Paeonia Favorita
Lightschaps Paeonia Festiva Maxima
Lightschaps Paeonia Krinkled White
Lightschaps Paeonia Mister Ed
Lightschaps Rita Hayworth Diva
Lightschaps Twiggy Lawson Diva

Urtehagens G Biloba Max

Carnac's X-Man


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