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Mc Marra's Peewees Peak-A-Boo

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Registered Name: Mc Marra's Peewees Peak-A-Boo
Registration number: S 54743/2004
Sire: Chinook de la Richesse
Dam: Peewee de la Vallée du Doux
Sex: male
Breeder: Marianna Wensbo
Date of Birth: 24 AUG 2004
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: Sweden
Land of Standing:
Distinguishing Features:
Genetic Indentification:

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COI 10 generations: 22.06%
Mc Marra's Celtic Chief
Mc Marra's Chakka Chi Chi
Mc Marra's Chanti Confetti
Mc Marra's Charmer Chaplin
Mc Marra's Chattanooga Cho Cho
Mc Marra's Chebra Chantalle
Mc Marra's Chilli Chezz
Mc Marra's Chubby Chabo
Mc Marra's Fable Filur
Mc Marra's Fancy Flair
Mc Marra's Fee Fidelity
Mc Marra's Feme Fii
Mc Marra's Fiction Fellow
Mc Marra's First Class Fiddler
Mc Marra's Fortune Flow
Mc Marra's Foxy Fiolla
Mc Marra's Peewees Pic-A-Dilly
Mc Marra's Peewees Pic-Me-Up
Mc Marra's Peewees Picc-O-Lo
Known Offspring:

Mc Marra's Peewees Peak-A-Boo

Chinook de la Richesse

Vulcanos de la Richesse

Douwe Wietske van de Korte Toren

Gotske de la Richesse

Urgje de la Richesse

Valentino Jurre van 't Sassenhoes

Stip de la Richesse

Peewee de la Vallée du Doux



Flairamy's Bella Donna

Kes Fashra van het Haskerhûs

Harro de Olde Grise

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