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Carnac's Lonesome Ghost

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Registered Name: Carnac's Lonesome Ghost
Call Name: Ebba
Registration number: S 12215/2001
Sire: Carnac's Bodyguard
Dam: Solankers Fiffi Fagerkind
Sex: female
Date of Birth: 19 DEC 2000
Date of Death: 1 NOV 2012
Land of Birth: Sweden
Land of Standing: Sweden
Size: 45 cm (17.72 inch)
Weight: 15 kg (33.07 pound)
Distinguishing Features:
Titles: Swedich & Norwegian Champion
Genetic Indentification:

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COI 10 generations: 37.39%
Carnac's Happiest Millionaire
Carnac's Hard Target
Carnac's Heart Of Darkness
Carnac's High Fidelity
Carnac's Highlander
Carnac's Honey Harwester
Carnac's Hot Air Baloo
Carnac's Hudson Hawk
Carnac's Last Dragon
Carnac's Le Magnifique
Carnac's Lion King
Carnac's Little Drummer Girl
Carnac's Love Bug
Known Offspring:

Carnac's Lonesome Ghost

Carnac's Bodyguard

Solankers Finurlige Fuzzy

Wolfgang van de Stam Dolerna

Coocky de la Richesse
Miep Ruchiëng Beauty Dogs

Tommy de la Richesse
Femke 1 Ruchiëng Beauty dogs

Solankers Fiffi Fagerkind

Wolfgang van de Stam Dolerna

Wobbe Amorus
Evita Banner van de Stam Dolerna

Coocky de la Richesse

Halewijn de la Richesse

Pleuntje de la Richesse