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Solankers Finurlige Fuzzy

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Registered Name: Solankers Finurlige Fuzzy
Registration number: SKK 20858/96
Sire: Wolfgang van de Stam Dolerna
Dam: Coocky de la Richesse
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 16 OCT 1995
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: Sweden
Land of Standing:
Distinguishing Features:
Genetic Indentification:

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COI 10 generations: 27.71%
Solankers Felia
Solankers Felicia
Solankers Feline
Solankers Fiffi Fagerkind
Solankers Fiona
Solankers Frejdige Fister
Solankers Frimodige Felix
Solankers Furiosa
Known Offspring:
Carnac's Back to the Future
Carnac's Babe
Carnac's Basic Instinct
Carnac's Beetlejuice
Carnac's Blue Fire Lady
Carnac's Bodyguard
Carnac's Braveheart
Carnac's Dangerous Liasons
Carnac's Days of Thunder
Carnac's Demolition Man
Carnac's Diamonds Are Forever
Carnac's Die Hard with a Vengeance
Carnac's Dirty Harry
Carnac's Double Impact
Carnac's Down out and Dangerous
Carnac's Mad Max
Carnac's Maverick
Carnac's Mighty Joe Young
Carnac's Mimic
Carnac's Mission Impossible
Carnac's Mr. Magoo
Carnac's Octopussy
Carnac's Old Gringo
Carnac's Oliver Twist
Carnac's One Tough Bastard
Carnac's Orlando
Carnac's Out of Sight
Carnac's Valentine
Carnac's Vanilla Sky
Carnac's Vanishing
Carnac's Vegas Vacation
Carnac's Vendetta
Carnac's Vengo
Urtehagens C Sativus Balder
Urtehagens C Sativus Buster
Urtehagens C Sativus Charlie
Urtehagens C Sativus Harley
Urtehagens C Sativus Kanutten
Urtehagens C Sativus Oskar
Urtehagens C Sativus Pia
Urtehagens C Sativus Robbin
Urtehagens C Sativus Walter

Solankers Finurlige Fuzzy

Wolfgang van de Stam Dolerna

Wobbe Amorus
Cindor van 't Ruinerveld

Schoontje Amorus
Evita Banner van de Stam DolernaAijko van Aranarau
Mary Lou de la Richesse

Coocky de la Richesse

Halewijn de la Richesse
Tamkin fan de Doensjepas
Dufke de la Richesse

Pleuntje de la Richesse

Robbie van Recainge

Beitske de la Richesse